I would rate Cindy as a top notch builder. Glad I got to know her. She is a wonderful person, knowledgeable and detail oriented. MARTIN GOLDSTEIN
Absolutely love the construction of Woodland Rd. I will certainly be calling C. Stumpo in the future when I can afford a home of this caliber. ADMIRER
My experience with the crew was amazing. I would imagine that most people find this hard to believe, because we only here the horror stories about builder’s.
This company take’s much pride in there work. And it shows. I am writing this comment on behalf of my family, and to anybody looking to build in the future with C. Stumpo. You will be as happy as we were. She gets the job done, and on time. MR. S
Tough as Nails is my husbands and my favorite show. We record it and watch them often.
Cindy is amazing communicator and driven. We admire her work ethic and intelligence and love of her family. Cindy is a fine example of how to cope and handle any kind of job or career.
Sam, her daughter, is learning the ropes and is fun to watch her grow in the business. JO CULLEN
It took my husband and I two years to find the right builder. Well we have just finished our home with C. stumpo Development.
Cindy Thank you for going above and beyond your job. And they say your tough! You are a sweet heart and we love you. SEARCHING FOR A BUILDER
If you are looking for a fine builder, you found Mrs. Stumpo. My family has just moved into our new home. We are thrilled. When making our choice on a builder. We made the right one. It was thrilling to watch Cindy Stumpo keep everything under control. Even our budget. I give C. Stumpo Development 5 stars. Thank you Cindy and crew. DOC
One year ago my family relocated to Newton, MA and we purchased a home built by C. Stumpo Development. As most home owners know, bushes and most landscape is not covered under the warranty.
On the eve of a wonderful holiday Thanksgiving. I just arrived home to see that one of our trees that had died, due to our fault mind you. We never called C. Stumpo, aka Cindy, and asked for her to replace our tree. But to come home from a long day at work and see a new tree in front of my beautiful home. MD
When I called your office I never thought in a million years you would answer my phone call and you did. I just had to let the public know.
I called C. Stumpo Development. For just some help with some questions, As I was asking Ms. Stumpo these questions, She just blurted out were do you live and I told her. That same day she sent over a few guys. We did not have the money to hire a builder to help us. But her men came out took care of our problem in a couple of hours. Never sent us a bill. My mind was blown. Who does things like this today?
I guess there are really good people still out there and Ms. Stumpo you are a gem. My wife and I wish you and your family the most wonderful holiday. Thank you for being there. We will never forget what you did for us. SG
Hi Cindy, Just wanted to say I LOVE DRIVING BY YOUR WORK SITES. Your homes are amazing. How do you get your homes up so fast? Your jobs are so neat all the time. I have snuck in and looked at many of your homes through the years.
I hope one day I will have a C. Stumpo Development home. One day I will come in and introduce myself. DONNA
Thank you for keeping your site, next door to my home, safe and very neat. I am proud to be able to write this for this young woman. She is thoughtful and caring.
My husband is sick and needs medical attention through out the week. We are never blocked in by trucks. PLEASED NEIGHBOR
Absouletly loved working with the Stumpo team and would refer to anybody. They take pride in there workmanship and Cindy Stumpo runs a tight ship. And gets the job done on time!
WE LOVE HER, she is not our builder, she is our friend.
Good luck for all in the future, I know it will be a great experience.
If you would like to speak to me for a reference, just ask Cindy, for my number. Just say the name “love it” and she will know who I am. PLEASED CLIENT
Had a wonderful time building our dream home with Cindy Stumpo. Loved everything about it. I am having withdrawls from Cindy. We as a family miss her being around. HAPPY CLIENT
My wife and I had a wonderful experience building our dream home 12 years ago with Cindy Stumpo. Our home is still as beautiful as the day we moved in. We look around everyday at this house and thank god we met Cindy. Not only is she a wonderful builder, but she is a great friend. Her word is her bond and she stands behind her work 100%. TOM
Thank You Mrs. Stumpo, for always thinking about the neighbor your buiding next to. The home is wonderful, and done with attention. My wife and I enjoy speaking with you. Thank You for being so deeply for the snow removal. G
Thank you, to the Stumpo crew, for another great house, thank you Cindy once again for building my family a second home. Were loving it like always and love you. JOHN DO
This woman goes beyond a builder, she will be your best friend, when your done with your project, she is tough, kind, and very thoughtful to her customer’s needs and thoughts. We will be building another home with her in the future, so please believe me, I checked out all references on all the builders I interviewed, her’s were amazing! MRS. GOLDBERG
Thank you, C. Stumpo, for building two wonderful homes for my family, It was a pleasure working with you. Your quality is at the top and when you hear all the terrible stories out there about builders, your one in a million, Thank you for our home’s and your freindship. You’re an amazing lady.MR. COHEN
What i would love to say about Cindy Stumpo, there isn’t enough room. Thank you for your patience and kindness, As you know building a home is very stressfull. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE STRESS OUT OF THIS PROJECT, WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. WE LOVE OUR HOME! PAT
We have been living in our home for about 6 months now. Just love it. The quality of work is wonderful. We have had no warranty issues at all. Short but sweet, We adore our home. Thank You MD
Cindy is a woman of of her word. She does business the old fashioned way – one shake of the hand and you can take it to the bank. This is what happened to me and my husband recently when we were looking for a home in Newton. She could have sold the home to someone else for more money but she kept her promise even though our paperwork delayed the deal. Thank you, Cindy! BROOKE